BIM: Its Significance for Detailed Shop Drawings

13 March 2020

Construction companies perform their jobs more smoothly with the help of the accurate cost estimation, asset management and project coordination that the building information modelling or BIM provides them today. Also, the information in this modelling helps develop the structural, architectural and mechanical detailed shop drawings that are crucial to the outcome of their projects. To receive all this, they need to turn to engineers who are adept at special software programs such as AutoCAD, Revit MEP, STAADPro, Tekla and Autodesk BDS. We offer some additional information in the following about the significance of using BIM to obtain the above detailed shop drawings.

Building Information Modelling Helps Create More Accurate Structural Shop Drawings

The information collected in BIM helps the structural shop drawings be as accurate as possible. They will contain more in-depth details for one thing. These drawings include a sequential explanation and representation of the building’s elevations, floor plans, ceiling plans, foundation specifications and anything else to do with the structural areas of the building. With the help of the BIM, different choices can be tested to see which are most sound for the building project.

BIM Provides a Visual Aid to Work From to Refine Architectural Shop Drawings

Documentation for building construction also includes details about the exterior design features of it that dictate its style. The LOD 400 Revit model is a fine example of a model that helps with the preparation of architectural shop drawings. These are primarily for architects and help them formulate in-depth details of the location, size, assembly, shape and more about the vital features.

Building Information Modelling Also Assists with the Development of Mechanical Shop Drawings

HVAC drawings and plumbing drawings are two examples of mechanical shop drawings that contractors need to finish a building project. BIM ensures that these drawings include all details for each section of the structure. Also, these drawings need to be compliant with local codes and certain associations’ specifications. When the right BIM information is obtained to include in the drawings, mechanical contractors can plan and execute their tasks with superior efficiency.

Are These Drawings for Only New Construction?

All the above drawings are necessary for new construction as well as renovation projects. Regardless of how small a construction project is or the nature of it, detail shop drawings are important to the successful outcome of it.

It is easy to see from the information above the significance of BIM for detailed shop drawings. Always include it in your construction planning projects to ensure optimal results. You will increase your client satisfaction level substantially by taking this action.