Essential Details for Accurate Shop Drawings and Reports

26 March 2020

As anyone who is part of the AEC industry knows, there are a three main types of drawings to work from depending upon the nature of a project. Construction drawings cover all the architectural and structural details of a house or building, shop drawings are for the various components involved in the construction of a structure and the as-built drawings are the final results of the first two after all revisions are made. While it is easy to understand the first and last type of these drawings without a full explanation, shop drawings and reports may be new to you. […]

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BIM: Its Significance for Detailed Shop Drawings

13 March 2020

Construction companies perform their jobs more smoothly with the help of the accurate cost estimation, asset management and project coordination that the building information modelling or BIM provides them today. Also, the information in this modelling helps develop the structural, architectural and mechanical detailed shop drawings that are crucial to the outcome of their projects. To receive all this, they need to turn to engineers who are adept at special software programs such as AutoCAD, Revit MEP, STAADPro, Tekla and Autodesk BDS. We offer some additional information in the following about the significance of using BIM to obtain the above […]

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The Importance of Structural Modelling Services in Developing Reliable Building Structures

21 February 2020

A building’s structure is just as important to its integrity as a skeletal system is to your body. It is the framework by which the rest of the building is constructed around, and when it is inadequately designed, the building will not be as sturdy and durable as it should be day after day. In recent years, technologies have advanced for the structural and civil engineering industries to help with the construction of today’s popular building styles. A prime example of these technologies is the one that involves structural modelling. This has changed the way these industries plan their projects. […]

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Benefits of 3D BIM in Construction Projects

07 February 2020

Over time, the demand for 3D BIM has substantially increased. Even with this fact, though, many still have a misconception of what this process is and how it helps the AEC industry. Some think that this is just about developing 3D designs and models. While this is at the core of BIM, this process is about creating and managing all the project’s information to result in the output called a Building Information Model. This model includes digital descriptions of all aspects of the physical architectural, engineering or construction project. Although most consider 3D BIM to deal with the preconstruction stage […]

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How Computer Aided Design Can Help in Steel Detailing Process

20 January 2020

As a process that demands machine-like accuracy, it’s not exactly surprising that many structural detailing services lean on CAD software. Engineering drawing tools and architects pencils still have their place here as widely utilized drafting instruments, but Computer-Aided Design workstations are tempting those old-school engineers away from their boards. Ultimately, CAD software packages and computer workstations really are vastly superior to those hand-scribed drawing implements. The Point-to-Point Process Adaptability Aspect There’s no question about it, professional structural detailers create first-rate drawings. They’re accurate, clearly annotated, and densely packed with steel framing information. Down on the floor of a fabrication shop, […]

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