Shop Drawings vs. Construction Drawings: Are there Any Differences?

22 October 2019

A building developer’s desk is covered in different structural drawings. Not a single one of the drawings is alike, although one or two of them might be of the same structure. Even so, drawn from different viewpoints, they convey different information. As for the Shop Drawings VS Construction drawings issue, yes, these plans also convey contrasting sets of design and fabrication data. For one thing, shop drawings communicate workshop instructions. A Back to Basics View: Construction VS Workshop Drawings Let’s assume there’s a prefabrication phase going on back at the shop. The architects and project engineers have worked together to […]

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Shop Drawing Services in Melbourne: A Fundamental Part in Building Development

11 October 2019

Years ago, time-honoured drafting tools were employed when shop drawings were required. A sharp pencil and sheet of ISO A0 paper were pinned to a drafting board in some dusty Melbourne office while slide rules and building codes were employed by laser-focused engineering types. While those tools of the trade are still very much in evidence today, computer workstations are now an engineer’s go-to tool. Tales of a Drafting Table Centrally located in a building developer’s office, perhaps surrounded by several high-intensity desk lamps, an inclined table is layered with large sheets of paper. Shop drawings are being set down […]

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The Importance of Structural Steel Detailing in Modern Construction

25 September 2019

According to a dictionary definition, structural steel detailing professionals are master designers who create blueprints for contractors and fabricators. The plans contain exceptionally in-depth diagrammatic particulars. Dimensions, steel beam layouts, beam and truss connections, even the resource lists required to carry out the project, all of these informational specifics are typically part of a structural steel detailing service. If that image doesn’t hit home, imagine the process as a design to workshop bridge. Structural Steel Detailing: A Workshop-Essential Exercise If the architects and engineers have done their job right, a structure has been planned out to the nth degree. All […]

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) Market to Realise Incredible Growth by 2024

16 September 2019

The Building Information Modelling Market or BIM Market report provides in-depth information on the dynamic market forces to enable companies to make informed decisions and develop strategies relevant to the opportunities that are available in the market at present. It delivers the most current industry data on potential and actual market situations along with the outlook for the future. The Definition of BIM BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, and it is an in-depth 3D model-based process to provide engineering, construction and architecture professionals with the tools and insight to design, plan, build and manage infrastructures and buildings more efficiently. […]

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